There are already five days since I opened this new Word document and began to write. The first word was “We” and I stopped writing. Here I am again drowning into my world of letters that are having love constantly…

We began it more than three months ago. As you remember it a was a cold February day. You was just out from a long lasting experience (you know what I mean), I was just doing the stuff all people do at the end of the day. I remember I was also nervous and mad on something (the truth is that I’m smiling now. How could I?). Chatting? Yes! That is what we were doing. I don’t want to talk about how shinny and perfect mornings were, how happy and glowing I was, because it was amazing and I thought this is maybe the feeling I’d like to relieve and relieve again. Again I stopped writing. Memories are fulfilling me from the bottom to the top – as you was all the time saying. Now here you are, now here I am, continuing this beginning of the story asunder.


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